Joy Downing
MA, LMFT-Associate
Supervised by Tammy Fisher, MA, LPC-S, LMFTS

Counseling is not my first career. I wanted to be a social worker in college, but I just didn’t have the support, drive, or vision to get through graduate school at that age. I switched to a Business Major and “got it over with.” The thing is, through the years, my jobs have always been to act as a helping person. In that role, I’ve encountered many different types of people. This has informed who I am as a person and as a therapist. I went to high school down the road at Jack C Hays, worked my way through ACC and St. Edward’s University for my undergrad. Then, over a decade later, returned to graduate school at St. Edward’s to complete my Masters in the Art of Counseling.

My passion is working with couples. I believe in your love and commitment to each other. I think that when you are arguing over who is going to cook dinner tonight or “why no one around here can do laundry but me,” there are deeper feelings and needs that must be revealed so that you can continue to grow in connection. I know you didn’t partner with this other person so that you could feel alone today. So, while we will work on “communication,” we will delve deeper than words and get into the icky sticky vulnerable parts of marriage, that, left unattended, will develop into something neither one of you can wrangle.

I also work with adult individuals. If you are at that age (usually 27-32) that calls you to reflect on your family’s values and figure out how to own your own, let’s talk. We will explore and wrestle with the tension that comes when holding your family of origin in esteem while also owning who you want to be. This is not “blame it all on your mom” therapy (though sometimes those things need to be explored in order for you to move forward with compassion for yourself and her).  This work calls on you to accept the things you can’t control and change the things you can.

If you are experiencing life transitions (for example: divorce, death of a loved one, marrying into a blended family) you may want a little bit of extra support. During this time, some people experience grief, a desire for acceptance, discernment of a new direction, and the need to develop lots of self-compassion. Sometimes we need a person to walk through these things with us who is not attached to the outcome. Therapy can be a useful tool in these circumstances.

I do not take insurance, but I do have sliding scale appointments available if you are in need. I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation so that you can move forward with confidence in your choice to seek help. If I do not think I am the right person to help you meet your goals, I will try to help you find someone who is a better fit.