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Find YOUR Balance

You are taking the first step to getting help. 

For some, this first step is about finding that right person with whom to connect. Others may still be wondering if they should seek counseling. The following may help you decide if this is the right time for you:

Are you experiencing...


  • parenting frustrations with a 'difficult' child?
  • family and relationship issues?
  • sexual abuse and domestic violence?
  • eating disorders?
  • having difficulties at work?
  • anxiety or depression?
  • social and emotional difficulties related to disability and illness?
  • adopting to life transitions?
  • the death of a loved one?
  • the loss of a job?

Are these experiences affecting you in the following ways...



  • Feeling unhappy 5 out of 7 days?
  • Regularly cannot sleep at night?
  • Inability to concentrate?
  • Feeling irritable at those around you?
  • Fighting constantly with your partner?
  • Thinking about getting a divorce?
  • Unable to find a solution after exhausting all ideas?
  • While taking care of a parent or a child, the idea crosses your mind that you may want to hit that person?
  • Feeling guilty about placing an elder in a nursing home or in alternative care?
  • Can no longer prioritize what is most important in your life?
  • Feeling that you can no longer manage your stress?

Throughout life, we are faced with challenges, difficult people or life changes in which we need help overcoming. Counseling can benefit you by having someone help identify the problem and assist you in finding constructive solutions for coping with situations that are both in and beyond your personal control.




I would like to help. Please give me a call to set up an appointment. You do not have to continue feeling this way.


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