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Couples Therapy
  • Do you keep having the same argument with your partner?
  • Are you always angry at your partner or does he/she always seem angry with you?
  • Do you feel you and your partner have nothing in common anymore?
  • Do you feel you are more like roommates than romantic partners?
  • Have you experienced infidelity in the marriage?
  • Are you wondering if it is too late to save your marriage?

We have all heard the statistics...50% of all marriages in America end in divorce. That is just the rate for first marriages. What some may not know is that the rate increases with the number of marriages. 67% of all second marriages and 74% of all third marriages end in divorce. The most common reasons cited for divorce are: lack of communication, inability to resolve conflict, financial problems, different expectations about household tasks or rearing children and infidelity.

For many couples, it can often be challenging to communicate what you need to your significant other and to hear what they need. People often feel stuck having the same heated discussion over and over again. One or both of the partners withdraw and become distant, angry or less committed to the marriage. Over time, people begin to wonder why they chose their partner in the first place.

I can help uncover this mystery and put an end to this cycle and increase your emotional connection by intergrating Gottman Method Couples Therapy. You will be able to understand why the same arguments keep happening, how to communicate effectively, fight fair as well as express love in the way your partner needs. You can have a close, loving relationship with your partner.


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